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Why choose direct burial concrete poles over anchor base type steel, aluminum or fiberglass?  In most cases the overall installed cost of a direct burial concrete pole is equal to installed cost of the anchor base foundations used with other pole types. 

Why concrete?

Concretes strength, durability and longevity surpass all of its alternative materials.  Cleaner appearance.  No unsightly bases.  No rusting anchor bolts or cover plates.  Maintenance free.  Easier, more streamlined installation means faster project completion and at a lower cost.



Direct burial concrete poles eliminate the cost of an expensive anchor base footing. 

Under normal conditions “Standard construction practice” and a “good rule of thumb” has been embed 10% of pole length + 2 feet. Set pole directly into an augured hole backfilling and tamping in 4” lifts with the earth from the hole.  In applications that have large loads, imbalanced loads, or where the allowable passive pressure of the soil is weak an engineered foundation may be required.  

In all but extreme cases you can increase the surface bearing pressure below grade by embedding the pole deeper into the earth or increase the diameter of the hole and backfilling and tamping with #57 stone.   

Please consult an engineer if you are uncertain or being held accountable for embedment design.



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