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Why concrete over aluminum, fiberglass or wood?

Concrete is the most cost effective material for your pole applications. Precast concrete’s strength, durability and longevity surpass all of the alternate products and materials, including steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Concrete’s stability means reduced vibrations, giving lamps and refractors a longer life. The ease of installation plus timely delivery service are two more reasons to specify Utilities Structures, Inc. for all your area lighting applications. GFCI receptacle provisions and CCTV camera outlets for security applications are available.  Special finishes and textures including exposed aggregate, colored stains, and colored pigment additives are also available. USI poles range in height from 10’ to 120’, with load bearing capacity up to 8,000 lbs. 

Lighting needs are calculated by a computer layout, and then a registered Florida Structural Engineer designs the poles. Every completed product must pass our A.C.I. Certified Technicians for Quality Assurance, and our test laboratory is P.C.I. and A.C.I. certified. Our product is guaranteed to hold the light load it is designed for and withstand applicable wind loads for the region where it is installed.


Types of poles and applications:

~ Sports Lighting

~ Car Dealerships

~ Parking Lots & Area Lighting

~ ITV Communications

~ Roadway & Highway

~ Strain Poles & Traffic Signalization

~ Power Distribution & Lightning Protection

~ Octagonal & Custom Decorative Poles


Options & Accessories:

~ Lightning protection complete with air terminals

~ Isolated raceways for CCTV camera outlets (low voltage)

~ Provisions for GFCI receptacle

~ Hot dipped galvanized cross arms for sports lighting applications

~ Custom pole modifications for sports lighting, complete with climbing steps and safety cables



~ Structural and Geotechnical engineering services by a Florida registered P.E. when certification of pole strength and foundation design is required




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